Helikon-Tex® MBDU® Trousers / Pants - Ripstop - Multicam® Expand

Helikon-Tex® Helikon-Tex®

Helikon-Tex® MBDU® Trousers / Pants - Ripstop - Multicam®


MBDU® (Modern Battle Dress Uniform) pants of Helikon company. SP-MBD-NR-34

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Camouflage / Colour - MultiCam® Fabric specification - Nyco Ripstop (50% Cotton, 50% Nylon) Main fastening - Velcro and YKK zipper fly Higher pockets - 2 front hand pockets - 2 rear pockets Pants legs pockets - 2 cargo pockets with flaps with Canadian type buttons

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The right equipment can make all the difference, be it on the battlefield, at the range, or when your trekking up a mountainside. That’s why we developed the Modern Battle Dress Uniform, a uniform designed to maximize your comfort and freedom of movement without sacrificing functionality and carry space. Made with breathable, ripstop fabric, this field utility uniform with optimal pocket space, VersaStretch® side panels, and reinforced knees and elbows lets you get a little dirty while still being at the top of your game.

The MBDU pants are a part of our new field uniform set. Made of durable, yet breathable ripstop fabric, is a great choice for every battle you would need to face. Numerous pockets will fit all your essentials. Cargo pockets on tights, closed with canadian style are large enough to be used as improvised dump pouches. Profiled cut will provide you the most possible freedom of movement possible. These pants are a great choice for any battlefield.

Camouflage / Colour MultiCam®
Fabric specification Nyco Ripstop (50% Cotton, 50% Nylon)
Main fastening Velcro and YKK zipper fly
Higher pockets 2 front hand pockets
2 rear pockets
Pants legs pockets 2 cargo pockets with flaps with Canadian type buttons
Protectors Reinforced knees
Circuit regulation Belt loops
More information Strengthening the back of the trousers
Sleeves / pants legs regulation Internal drawstring tie bottoms

Military store Helikon Tex

Many people hanker after a soldier dressed in uniform. That is why this type of clothing has come
into fashion. It is very popular among the youths but also adults. In the same way, this style is in
vogue among hunters; firstly because in such a way they put a camouflage on, and secondly, it is a
part of their identification mark. In addition, the military store is characterized by wide range of
military clothing. A person who pays a visit to this store can dress from head to toe. Such an online
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high-quality clothes as well as shopping itself is very convenient – you can do it, for instance,
remotely while drinking coffee at home.

Helikon tex

Helikon tex is a producer of technical clothing, military uniforms, thermoactive gear and headwear.
The manufacturer also offers molle rucksacks and different types of backpacks, perfect for various
expeditions, because they are very capacious. Thus, helikon tex products are suitable not only for
ordinary individuals, but, above all, to soldiers and policemen. They are reliable, and, consequently,
more and more people decide to choose them.
Many people value goods that have some connection with the army. They pay much attention to
them and try to have at least single item from military clothing in their wardrobe. That is why they
keep a record of what is new in the offer, and what has changed, just to be switched on. Some
people buy these clothes for a practical reason: to wear them. Others, however, buy them only to
keep them in a wardribe and enjoy the way they look. Militaria is therefore a peculiar style only for
selected people.

Military clothing Helikon Tex

A very large number of people are keen on this type of clothing, which is why it is eagerly bought by
casual individuals. The choice is huge, so everyone can find what they are looking for without any
problem. Military clothing is made of high quality material, resistant to adverse weather conditions
with body-friendly feeling, so it does not sensitize or irritate the skin.

Military clothes Helikon

Such clothes are often worn not only by uniformed services but, above all, by civilians. Therefore, in
the offer we have military pants, which are made of light, airy and stretchy material. As a result,
these pants are comfortable and one can feel relaxed during all sorts of activities. Another item
frequently chosen to build a military wardrobe is a jacket. It just looks neatly. What is more, it is
lightweight, and its dense weave effectively protects from the wind. Military jackets fit perfectly not
only to a daily basis occasions, but are also excellent match for running or cycling. Besides, when on
colder days we put a thicker sweater or fleece under such jacket, it will prevent escaping the heat
from our body. Another eagerly chosen products are hats, because they have excellent thermoinsulating
properties. In addition, they are made of a elastic and breathable materials that are scalpfriendly
and do not irritate the skin. They are therefore ideal for everyday use but also for business
and professional trips. Moreover, balaclavas are among top-chosen products. They protect from
adverse conditions, as well perfectly adapt to any size of the head, because they are made of
stretchable and fitting material. Some people, however, like vests. They allow to have unoccupied
hands while still being warm and cozy. Some of the clients prefer to wear a sweatshirt under such a
vest, because it is heat insulator and is pleasant to touch.

Moro clothing

There is also a large group of people who love wear moro. Moro pants are very popular among such
clothing, because they are made of durable materials and perfectly blend in with the surroundings.
Also uniforms are trendy, because one looks elegant in such a clothing. They are popular among
hunters, since they like to hunt camouflaged as well they enjoy attending hunting club meetings
while looking professional. Besides, men like to wear moro when clearing up and doing housework,
since it is comfortable and resistant to damages.

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Helikon-Tex® MBDU® Trousers / Pants - Ripstop - Multicam®

Helikon-Tex® MBDU® Trousers / Pants - Ripstop - Multicam®

MBDU® (Modern Battle Dress Uniform) pants of Helikon company. SP-MBD-NR-34

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