Mechanix-Wear® gloves have their beginning in 1991, when the idea of ​​a race mechanic created Original®️ glove and revolutionized the racing world. For many years she took care of the hands of mechanics on the tracks, and later also enter the world of industry and daily work done by millions of people around the world. Mechanix-Wear® gloves are perfect for those who need protection during hobby work in their workshop, ideal for those who use weapons and need protection that does not deprive them of movement, ideal for those who struggle with hard work every day and need protection the highest level.

Years of learning, testing and observation give great opportunities for designers who are constantly looking for new, even better solutions and technologies that create gloves with the most anatomical cut possible, which will not limit the user's movements, ensure the accuracy of work and protect his hands at the same time.

Mechanix-Wear®️, thanks to its wide range, allows you to choose gloves that are perfectly tailored to your needs.