Hydration systems

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Regardless of whether you are on a mission, patrol or traveling in the mountains, the last thing you want to worry about will remain dehydrated. This seemingly insignificant factor does not only affect your health or fitness - having the right amount of water with you can in a critical situation decide on survival or death. The hydration backpack gives you the opportunity to gather liquid supplies with you on the toughest expeditions.

Hydration systems

One of the biggest advantages of hydration systems is that they are ergonomic products. This means that regardless of whether you purchase a hydration backpack, a hydration bag or a hydration vest, each of these systems will allow you to transport a lot of liquids so that your hands are left free. You are able to drink on the move, so you do not have to stop or put away the equipment that you are carrying with you. If you hunt in the wild or stay in hostile terrain, you do not want to choose between putting your arms away and staying dehydrated.
Many of the products we offer have a large capacity and enable the transport of liquids comfortably and discreetly. The use of ducts and special taps allows for simultaneous drinking and ongoing work, regardless of whether you are reading the map or lighting a campfire.

Hydration bag

The most common system is a hydration bag, which has a relatively limited volume (several liters), but thanks to its small size it can be located almost anywhere. Most often it is mounted in backpacks and at the waist. Thanks to the fact that it does not have solid walls such as, for example, bottles, with its water consumption, its volume is reduced, allowing us to use the new surface for our own purposes. It is worth finding the right sizes and shapes of sacks that can be adapted to the currently owned equipment

Hydration backpack

Hydration packs are designed to transport water and created to allow it to drink in a simple and effective way. The best hydration backpacks allow you to drink water without stopping or slowing down. A specially routed cord is placed near the head, so that it can be inserted into the mouth with one move and take the liquid out of the backpack. When choosing a hydration backpack, it is worth knowing whether the backpack is designed for the activities you are planning and what capacity you will need. Smaller capacities are easier to transport and allow for faster movements, while larger ones allow you to transport more without having to stop for replenishing.

It is also important to pay attention to additional accessories that may make your backpack easier to use. These can include, among other things, a broken tap, a spill protection valve or a quick coupler for efficiently disconnecting the wires when needed.
The basic dimensions to pay attention to are the volume in the body and chest

Highest quality with Condor and Pentagon products

In our store we offer products from renowned brands such as Condor and Pendagon, whose many years of experience in the industry ensure the best quality. The Condor brand was established in the USA, where the emphasis on quality in this segment has always been high. The Pentagon is a German company whose priority was to create quality products for clients related to the militaries segment. Each of these backpacks were created based on tests in the toughest conditions around the world. Thanks to the experience gained in cooperation with policemen, firefighters and rescuers, they provide products that can be used without a worry everyday and in the toughest conditions. They are designed for military applications, but they can also perfectly fit into the expectations of amateurs. Condor and Pentagon products are created using the highest quality materials that ensure long-term operation without fear of damage.
A wide range of products allows you to find the right product tailored to your needs.

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