Level 7 military jacket of Helikon company. Lightweight winter combat jacket which provides insulation and protection against frost, wind and light rain. Climashield® Apex™ provides thermal insulation and ultimate warmth. KU-L70-NL-23
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Tactical jacket for use in extreme winter weather. Made for law enforcement and other special services. Quick Side Access™ to pistol holsters and other gear on duty belt. Helmet compatible jacket. Retractable hood. KU-HKY-NL-36
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In helikon jackets section you will find military jackets from many leading manufacturers such as: Helikon-Tex, Pentagon, Leo Koehler, Carinthia, Surplus.

Jackets are available in many styles for various purposes, from winter jackets which provides insulation and protection against frost, wind and light rain (helikon Level 7 jackets) to military jackets made in accordance with British Army specifications with many pockets  or hood (Leo Koehler KSK Jacket or Helikon PCS Jacket) as well as lightweight thinner softshell jackets for mountain, outdoor, survival, which offers excellent protection from wind or light rain. (Helikon Windrunner jacket and Helikon Wolfhound jacket).

In this category you will also find more tactical jacket with specialized purpose that include additional identification panels and allow easy and quick access to weapons or other equipment. We offer tactical jackets in particular to the police, security, special units or the military.

Jackets are also available in many colors and military camouflage: Polish forest camouflage wz. 93, multicam or pencott.

Surely everyone will find on our website a military jacket ideal for themselves, which will meet all expectations

We invite you to get acquainted with our offer, which includes many models and colors of military jackets.

Military men's jacket

No one needs to be convinced how important the outer garment is. Regardless of the final destination, protection against cold and moisture is the basic task of all jackets. Our range of products includes unique models with increased parameters. Military jacket, in particular, is dedicated to people who practice survival, but also enthusiasts of travel, trekking or mountain hikes. For this type of activity, we need jackets that remain reliable in every situation and in all weather conditions. Therefore, they should be made of excellent quality materials, and what's more, they have functional applications and special structural reinforcements. Therefore, if you are looking for products characterized by a solid workmanship, our site is a great place. We guarantee the highest quality products and competitive prices.

Winter jacket - discover the military style

When we value long-term use while maintaining the original form, it is worth focusing on quality. The products we offer surprise with extraordinary resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion. Men's winter jacket, provides excellent thermal insulation against moisture and wind, and at the same time is very aesthetically made. In addition, equipped with reinforcements in strategic places, such as elbows or arms, guarantees high durability. In addition, it provides maximum protection against abrasions, e.g. when crawling. This type of winter jacket is a reliable model, available in various camouflages. Perfect protection against low temperatures is a key aspect in any outdoor activity. That's why a pretty loose cut allows you to put several layers of clothing underneath. In cold conditions, the men's jacket with a hood keeps you warm and comfortable without any problems. A multitude of cuts and colors, helps every customer in choosing the right model.

Available in our offer Pentagon and Helikon-Tex jackets

Clothes inspired by military uniforms can be found among valued clothing brands. That's why the offer of our store could not lack such companies as Pentagon or Helikon-Tex. For many years, they deal with the production of outdoor clothing and designed for such equipment tasks. Their common denominator is a wide selection of modern typefaces, including their own design, fashionable colors and camouflage. This type of clothing is used by police officers, soldiers, special forces employees as well as security services. Nevertheless, it enjoys equally good popularity among civilians. The men's jacket is ideally suited to difficult terrain conditions, as the fabric is made using fabrics created according to innovative solutions. In addition, many models are equipped with practical pockets and straps that enable anatomical fit to the body.

Functional and fashionable male park

This type of jacket is very useful during trips, but also during harsh winters. It's the perfect way to ensure optimal body temperature. Thanks to the use of appropriate fibers, the user feels the warmth, regardless of the prevailing aura. Thanks to the adjustable hood, the men's park excellently insulates against moisture and wind. And what's important takes up little space, so it will be perfect for longer trips outside the home. A classic military jacket in a set with a thick and warm lining, ensures the right temperature. In addition, it is characterized by high resistance to abrasion, tearing and other damage.

Camo jacket and tactical jacket, as an indispensable piece of clothing

Offered in our store products are sewn from durable materials, so that they do not fear any conditions. The tactical jacket is extremely durable and adapted to work in extreme circumstances. It will protect against cold, rain and wind. The cooperation of producers with special units translates into careful development of products and fulfillment of all customer requirements. Designers are constantly introducing effective modifications, making the assortment even more functional. The use of the membrane helps in maintaining proper body ventilation, thus maintaining 100% water resistance. The camo jacket, whose trademark is a timeless design, is equally popular. A wide range of models will make every customer, even the one with precise requirements, find a product that meets individual expectations.

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