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In this section you will find a range of military shorts from many of the world's leading military clothing manufacturers: Helikon-Tex, Pentagon, 5.11 Tactical, Vertx.
Shorts are available in many models as well as color and camouflage versions. Thanks to well thought out and tested solutions, they are used not only by all uniformed services but also by civilian people for survival or outdoor purposes.
Our offer includes nearly 200 models and color versions of trousers that may interest you. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Men's shorts

This is part of the men's wardrobe, which in summer is almost the basis. For many men, the essential thing is comfort and convenience, especially during high temperatures. Many of them, however, also want to look fashionable and a bit smart. The ideal solution is a variety of shorts made of airy materials. Perfect for casual styling as well as an elegant dinner outfit combined with a shirt or a sports jacket. An important element for men is also pockets, which should be roomy and comfortable in everyday use. Most male representatives have their habits related to carrying a wallet and a phone in their pocket.

Men's shorts

Shorts are so-called sports and functional clothing, which is multidimensional. It is suitable for both gyms, jogging and trips to friends. With one pair of shorts we can create a lot of interesting stylizations, which require less money, and they look very good. Good quality men's shorts are purchased for years for their own use, but they are also a good idea for a gift. Especially if a man has always dreamed of being a soldier, women can fulfill their dreams a bit while giving the girl a choice of camo shorts. The choice of cuts and patterns is very diverse, which means that everyone will find something that will appeal to him. Men's shorts are so-called must have in the men's part of the wardrobe, they can be a base to combine with colorful shirts, or T-shirts with the print of your favorite band and characters from the movie.

Men's trousers

The trousers are a comfortable, classic and timeless dimension of the pants. They are intended for people who appreciate freedom of movement and comfort, ideally suited for going to the cinema, going on holiday or working in the garden. Men's trousers are also a good option for hot days at work, which requires a bit of movement from us. This cut is not the past, on the contrary, it is still a common and fashionable element of clothing. The helixon tex armor is a unique military clothing that every man will love immediately after the first assumption.

Camo shorts

The original concept of the camo pattern was to camouflage all the stains and impurities found on soldiers' clothing. Since then, however, it has changed a bit and today moro is seen on the streets very often. You like this pattern very much because of the masculine aspect manifested by clothes. The camo shorts are ideal not only for military enthusiasts, but also for people who like to play with fashion and have a fantasy and style. After adding an ordinary T-shirt and sports shoes, the styling is gaining momentum and becoming unique. Camo shorts have a different length, pattern, cut and color, which can be chosen according to individual preferences.


These men's shorts are based on the classic uniform pattern of the American army - hence the name. The Pentagon, however, used some changes that allowed to increase the functionality of the shorts. The pentagon strike is a great choice for army enthusiasts and people who have always loved this style. This is a completely new version of the classic cut of militias. Helixon tex enables the distribution of original military and outdoor clothing.

Military store

A military store is a place where we can find a wide range of various clothing items with designs similar to military ones. Military shorts are a department of a military store, which is often chosen by men. These stores are almost a paradise for the male sex, especially for this part in love with military scenes. Typical military colors are camo, dark brown and dark green. They not only emphasize masculinity, but also fit into other pieces of clothing to create a well-coordinated set. Military clothing is not only a choice for going to the forest, fishing or paintball. Increasingly, it is a city style chosen by conscious men. The great advantage is the comfort of wearing military clothes, which are made of comfortable and airy materials. Military shorts have even a few roomy pockets, which is a place for DIY tools, phone and car keys. A wide selection of camo patterns allows you to choose a particular item especially for an individual customer. Military stores are the accumulation of all fashions and military designs that exist on the clothing market. The wide assortment attracts customers who want to find something special for themselves or a loved one as a gift and it is the perfect place for them to make a purchase.

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