Shemagh - White
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Helikon-Tex® Shemagh - White

From €6.42
Shemagh, a multifunctional military headscarf, that can be used to protect your face from the sun or as a camouflage element for weapons. CZ-ARF-CO-20

Helikon-Tex® Shemagh - Coyote / Tan

From €6.42
Shemagh, a multifunctional military headscarf, that can be used to protect your face from the sun or as a camouflage element for weapons. CZ-ARF-CO-11

Helikon-Tex® Shemagh - Olive Green

From €6.42
Shemagh, a multifunctional military headscarf, that can be used to protect your face from the sun or as a camouflage element for weapons. CZ-ARF-CO-02

Helikon-Tex® Shemagh - Shadow Grey

From €6.42
Shemagh, a multifunctional military headscarf, that can be used to protect your face from the sun or as a camouflage element for weapons. CZ-ARF-CO-35

Mil-Tec® Shemagh - Black

Shemagh of Mil-Tec. A world famous model of scarf - popular among both uniformed services and civilians.
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Scarves - durable scarves to be worn in all conditions

Scarves are shawls that find their application in the world of uniformed services as well as in the fashion world. The arafatka scarf is an ideal protection against wind and dust, and the harmful effects of sunlight. Made of one hundred percent cotton, it is nice to touch, does not irritate the skin. Our scarves are often chosen by cyclists, paintball fans and skateboarders. Scarves are popular not only because of aesthetic and camouflaging qualities, but also because of durability and because the skin in the arafatt is breathable, which contributes to the feeling of comfort. Arafatka does not limit the freedom of movement and quickly dries features undoubtedly affect the high interest of athletes in these extremely popular headscarves. The range of our military store includes checkered plaids in various colors, as well as black and white scarves, which are readily purchased by people interested in Middle Eastern cultures. Scarves are also willingly chosen by members of subcultures as the external form of expression. Scarves is an accessory chosen by both men and women. Scarves are worn on the heads, necks, as turbans, a decorative element woven into the hair, and even used as straps. They are perfect for masking weapons. There are many ways to wear headscarves and bind them. Scarves are very functional and resistant to crease. It enjoys great recognition among survival lovers and festival participants. Regardless of weather conditions, this shawl perfectly protects, it is useful for every season of the year. Thanks to it, we are not afraid of hot summer, windy autumn or cold winter.

Scraves black and white symbol and a fashionable element of wardrobe

In our store, scarves are available in a variety of colors, we also offer black and white scarves, in a standard pattern, making them universal and fit both the uniform and the clothing worn by civilians. They work great as both protection against the sun and a warm addition in autumn evenings. Few people know that now black and white scarves are a symbol of unity with Palestinians, they are a symbol of support for Palestine in Middle East fights. It is worth knowing about it by going on a trip to Arab countries. In Europe, Scarves are often just a fashionable, timeless addition. In Poland, black and white scarfs are known thanks to the figure of the well-known Arab politician Yasser Arafat.

Arafatka checkered for people choosing a universal look

Checkered plaidas, or the standard pattern, come from Mesopotamia, and from there spread to other Arab peoples. Cotton, natural material from which arafatka is made, supports protection against cold and dangerous sunrays. It works in all conditions, because it dries very quickly and is resistant to damage. Scarves in shades: coyote, green olive and khaki are perfect elements of camouflage. They work perfectly in field conditions, in forests, in copses, on hunts. They are also used as an important part of camouflage during paintball or other team games. People who spend their holidays in the fresh air choose Scarves as the perfect protection against the wind. Our regular clients are mountaineers, foresters, mushroom pickers, cyclists and Forest Service employees.

The assortment includes helikon tex / mil tec

Our military store offers black and white scarves and colorful plaid scarves at very good prices in relation to quality. In our assortment, we have Helion tex Scarves and Mil Tec company. Both arafatka helion tex, which arafatka mic tec are very durable and have aesthetic finish. They differ in details and colors. Regardless of the style you prefer, everyone will find a home for you. Our clients are often employees of uniformed services, policemen, soldiers, representatives of various subcultures and sportsmen. Scarves offered by the manufacturers Helicon Tex and Mil Tec are widely regarded as the most durable wraps on the Polish market. Many years of experience, production technology and a high sense of aesthetics make both companies have their faithful fans and regular customers. The many years of presence on the market of both companies means that they have developed their own, characteristic elements that emphasize the uniqueness of the products they offer. Manufacturers offer military clothing and accessories at very attractive prices. Arafatka well-chosen, made of high quality and durable materials, is an investment for many years. It can also be said that the fashion for the arafatka does not pass away. You can tell by observing street style for the last few decades. The military style will always have its supporters, regardless of the age group or occupations. In addition, the universality of the pattern and motif is used to connect it successfully to different

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