Direct Action® SPITFIRE® ASSAULT PANEL - Coyote Brown

Direct Action®
SPITFIRE® ASSAULT PANEL - Coyote Brown of Direct Action®. The ASSAULT PANEL pocket layout was made to fit in the CQB role. Top portion has three Velcro®-closed pouches to contain various types of flash-bangs or spare magazines. PL-SPAP-CD5-CBR

Direct Action® SPITFIRE® ASSAULT PANEL - PenCott WildWood

Direct Action®
SPITFIRE® ASSAULT PANEL - PenCott WildWood of Direct Action®. The ASSAULT PANEL pocket layout was made to fit in the CQB role. Top portion has three Velcro®-closed pouches to contain various types of flash-bangs or spare magazines. PL-SPAP-CD5-PWW
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Military clothing in the Hwesta military store

In the Hwesta military store, we offer a wide selection of high quality military clothing from recognized manufacturers (including Helikon Tex, Pentagon, Bollé, Combat-ID, Condor, etc.). In this category of military clothing you will find military pants, sweatshirts, fleece, shirts, t-shirts, wax jackets, balaclavas, uniforms, shorts and windblockers available in many colors and military camouflage. Thanks to the high quality materials and solid workmanship, the clothes available in our store are resistant and durable. We know the specifics of work in uniformed services, so we try to choose only those products that meet the needs of professionals. Military clothing at our age is solidly made of high quality materials, so as to ensure good ventilation, moisture management and, consequently, comfort and convenience. We want the products in our store to be resistant to damage and wear, do not restrict movement, and help when working in difficult conditions. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of our products dedicated specifically to active men prepared for work in all conditions. We try to make our shirts meet special needs resulting from the nature of work in uniformed services or the passion of survival or extreme tourism.

Helikon Tex Military

Helikon Tex is our largest supplier of military clothing. The brand has existed since 1983, the products of this brand are characterized by durability, comfort and masculine style. Helikon Tex clothes are military clothing intended for professional soldiers, security guards or uniformed services, but also for active men, survival enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. In our offer you will find, among others, the following products from this brand:

Military jackets - a wide range of jackets for all weather conditions, in different color options. The latest technology materials used in Helikon Tex jackets provide excellent insulation and resistance to waterlogging.

Fleeces - a wide selection of models, available in various shades, camouflage. All are equipped with pockets on the body and ventilation holes under the arms. and strengthened on the shoulders and elbows

Blouses and shirts - we offer 51 models in 21 colors / camouflages. All equipped with comfortable pocket systems and made of the best quality materials

Socks and Gaiters - provide excellent protection and comfort when hiking in heavy terrain. Made of flexible materials provide a perfect fit to the user's body

T-shirts - have zipped pockets on the sleeves and sunglasses holders. Available in smooth colors and camouflage. Most often made of high-quality, breathable polyester in TopCool technology

Headgear, among them balaclavas made in the Comfort Dry technology, a special blend of polyester and spandex. Designed so that the inner side with a unique weave stops and accumulates warm air, keeping them close to the body, while special channels channel moisture to the outside. The design makes it possible to cover the nose, thanks to which they provide protection against cold even in the harshest climatic conditions.

Soft Shell - or jackets that provide excellent insulation from wind and moisture, while maintaining a high level of breathability. Resistant to dirt and water.

Gloves - designed in consultation with specialists in the field of shooting, thanks to which they provide comfort and at the same time a perfect feeling of the trigger.

Thermal underwear - sets consisting of shirts and underpants. Long johns equipped with elastic waist and sleeves equipped with elastic cuffs with a thumb hole in the sleeve ensure a perfect fit to the body. The lightweight Comfort Dry fleece, made of which ensures insulation, also has breathable properties.

Tactical vests - tactical shooting recognized by instructors. Perfect for enthusiasts of this sport. All necessary accessories, magazines, ammunition and a flashlight will be stored. Available in many types.
Military pants, and among them also camouflage pants. Equipped with special pocket systems - upper with reinforced strap on the knives of knives and flashlights, leg pockets with zippers. Made of one of the most durable materials - NyCo.

Of course, that's not all, the range of products in the category of military clothing in our store is huge, so that everyone can find a product perfectly suited to their needs.

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