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Windrunner Jacket of Helikon-Tex®. With its minimal weight and bulk Windrunner is a great all-round piece you can always carry in your pack. Featherlight nylon fabric with dense weave offers excellent protection from wind and has a good, easy-to-reapply DWR coating. Its perfect for athletic activities such as running, as the mesh vents under the armpits and mesh inner pocket provide good airflow channels. Windrunner windshirt performs equally well in cold weather when worn over warm fleece jackets, as it adds wind and light rain resistance as well as prevents body heat from escaping.

Windrunner Jacket of Helikon-Tex

Regardless of the final destination, a decent jacket is a basic element of every wardrobe. It seems that military-style models can only be used for tactical or outdoor activities. However, contrary to popular belief, they are also ideal for casual stylizations. Properly selected, they will serve for several years. Therefore, when choosing, it is worth following the quality of workmanship and universal design. Men's jacket with a hood will be a good solution for cold or windy days. It will fulfill its basic task of protecting against adverse and changing weather conditions. Renowned producers, thanks to their knowledge and experience, introduce innovative solutions that optimize wearing comfort. Stand out from the crowd and put on jackets available in our offer!

Windrunner helicon jacket

Men's Windrunner jacket, due to its minimal weight and size after folding, is the perfect jacket to carry with you. Compact solutions, make the product fit in any bag or backpack. In the interests of optimum comfort of use, manufacturers used modern applications in the form of ultra-light nylon material with a dense weave. To the touch, the material is thin but at the same time durable. Provides excellent protection against wind, and with regular DWR coating renewal also against light rain. As a result, the water will not soak into the material and flow from its surface. The Windrunner helicon jacket is also ideally suited as a running jacket, because the mesh underarm ventilators provide air flow. Nevertheless, you can also wear it on colder days. Placed on a warm fleece, it protects the body against cold, thus ensuring optimal body temperature. In addition, it has a hood, a large front pocket, with internal pockets for the phone or other necessary items.

Winter helicon jacket

The Helikon-Tex company is a leading manufacturer of military and tactical clothing. It perfectly meets the requirements of customers, therefore it gains followers virtually all over the world. Interest in various formations translates into the implementation of original projects. They enjoy recognition among soldiers, policemen, other uniformed services, as well as survival and outdoor enthusiasts. Offered products are synonymous with high quality and attractive prices. Therefore, we can try for high-quality models without having to disturb the home budget. Helikon-Tex winter jacket is unquestionable quality and resistance to mechanical damage. Depending on the model, it provides protection against wind, adequate body ventilation or waterproofness. They are fastened with a zip and press studs. They have numerous pockets, a hood hidden in the collar and a warming lining. It easily retains heat while protecting it from cooling down. Therefore, it is ideal for not only difficult external conditions, but also terrain.

Moro / tactical jacket for demanding

Modern solutions, resulting in resistance to low temperatures, wind or rain. The tactical jacket was designed for both professionals and enthusiasts of an energetic lifestyle. This is an uncompromising choice for anyone who appreciates the performance according to strict standards, with an original pattern and design. This type of product is mainly associated with outdoor, trekking or mountains. However, due to their versatility, jackets are used not only for special tasks or demanding activities, but also for everyday wear. They are undoubtedly popular among all those who like to spend their free time actively. For clothing to work well, a variety of designs are used throughout production. The camo jacket is a classic camouflage, allowing masking from the enemy. It can also be an expression of an individual style or a manifestation of views. It is purchased on the one hand by elite units and on the other by civilians who adore originality and uniqueness. Kurto camo will work anywhere, regardless of the circumstances or weather. In addition, it is very convenient and practical.

The assortment offered by our company meets all clients' needs. We are constantly expanding our offer with the latest models. Jackets are one of the many categories available in our proposals. Therefore, we encourage you to look at all products!

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