Direct Action® NECK GAITER FR - Light Coyote

Direct Action®
NECK GAITER FR - Light Coyote of Direct Action®. Works great in multitude of roles. It can be used to cover and protect your neck and face from flash fire, dust or wind. CP-NGFR-CDR-LTC

Direct Action® NECK GAITER FR - Army Green

Direct Action®
NECK GAITER FR - Army Green of Direct Action®. Works great in multitude of roles. It can be used to cover and protect your neck and face from flash fire, dust or wind. CP-NGFR-CDR-AMG

Mil-Tec® Multiwrap - Ucp

Mutliwrap of Mil-Tec. These multiwraps are super handy for helping keep the sun off your head and neck.
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Nowadays, very much attention is paid to the outfit. Attention is paid not only to the out-of-work appearance, but also to the appearance of people in formal attire. Because it is very important because it is the people in the official attire that represent the profession. Sometimes they even represent him against the background of the country. It is important that these people have good quality clothes that look good from a distance. For this purpose, it is worth choosing an online military store, which is available at:, because it has a very wide offer. Among the things that the store offers us are, among others, scarfs and neck chimneys, as well as many other things condor, mil tec and pentagon.


It is a thing that can be worn in many cases. Most often, however, it is used as a scarf, hat, face shawl, headband, or as a balaclava. Szalokominiarka is also a very nice element of masking. It can also be used for covering and protecting the face and neck against contact with wind, dust and even for a short time with fire. Due to the fact that the scarper has a universal size, it perfectly fits into every head. What's more, it is made of light and breathable material, and thus a person who will wear it for a long time will not feel discomfort.

Chimney for the neck

Chimneys have been very popular for some time. They are therefore often chosen as a protective element or covering the neck. The neck chimneys are made of a soft and comfortable and breathable material that adheres very well to the neck. In exceptional situations, they can be used as a headgear.

Mil tec

This is the most recognizable brand of the German company, which in its offer primarily has high quality clothing, various accessories and footwear. Milecec products are characterized by durability, excellent workmanship and functionality. This is evidenced by the use of the latest materials, which are subjected to various types of testing processes and numerous endurance tests. What's more, Mil tec to meet the demands of its customers is constantly evolving, by introducing a new collection of clothing, footwear and equipment.


It is a Greek company that specializes in the production of items for military units and the police. It has high quality products that meet military standards. Among the products on offer, we can distinguish, among others, gym bags, t-shirts and small shoulder bags, which are great for storing the most-needed things everyday.


This is an American company that in its offer has, among others, bags for safe carrying long weapons and the necessary shooting accessories, multi-purpose tactical vests, which were sewn from high quality polyester and very durable, capacious and practical backpacks made of strong Nylon material. In addition, the offer also has professional covers for weapons with the function of sniper mat, light hardshell jackets designed primarily for a variety of uniformed services, very functional bags with many convenient pockets and compartments, made of polyester small pouches, inserts for backpacks tactical gloves that have local reinforcements and seam arrangement for perfect weapon grip, thigh holsters that attach to the belt so that you can carry weapons in a convenient way, as well as many other things that are sure to be useful in uniforms in various situations.

It is worth choosing our military store, because it has a reputation and has a very good reputation. Thanks to this, customers can be sure that the money they spend on this clothing will not be wasted and will be satisfied with their purchase, because not every clothing that looks like a good quality clothing is just such clothing.

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